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Holiday Village Kraimorie

The Black sea is an inner-continental sea, which is connected whit the Marble sea through the Bosphopus strait, and through the Dardanelles strait with the Aegean sea.
The content of sea salt is low compared to other seas (almost two times less saltines then that in the Mediterranean). The maximum height of the waves is no more then 5-6 m, and the high tides and low tides are almost unnoticed.
Holiday village Kraimorie is situated 10 km to the south of Burgas. It has comfortable and beautiful beaches with pure sea water. The Beach line, covered whit clean, golden sand and the calm sea with uniformly decreasing bottom create good conditions of sun-bathing, swimming and playing. To the North of Kraimorie is situated the Medieval fortress "Foros", on which is considered a predecessor of Burgas city, and to the East in the sea is one of the largest islands in the Black sea - "Saint Anastasiya", on which in museum is exposed the cultural and historical heritage of the population along the southern coast. The island is accessible for tourists through boat connections from Burgas or Kraimorie.
Here you may visit area "Poda". Poda was protected in 1989 as a nature conservation site managed by the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds (BSPB). It is of international importance and the conservation work here has been honoured by the award of the Henry Ford prize. In the protected area there are 9 different habitats in only 100 hectares. With brackish, salt and fresh water there is an incredibly high biodiversity, rarely found in the whole of Europe. A visit to Poda, exploring alone or with a guide, will provide opportunities for observing much fascinating wildlife.
In holiday village Kraimorie there are excellently settled restaurants, discos, cafeterias, souvenir shops, food shops, groceries, pavilions for beer and grill, fitness clubs and internet halls. All this gives an opportuniti for a pleasant stay for a short-term relaxation and summer holiday.

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